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Feb 5

Whole Foods Challenge

fruits_and_vegetablesOur Whole Foods Fitness Challenge begins February 5th.

Join us for 1 month of eating clean strict Zone or Paleo. We will have a weigh-in and measurements of waist, hips and shoulders.
Participants will keep a Journal with Score sheets beginning Feb 5th and ending March 9th and then participants will be re-measured and weighed. The cost is $10 to join the contest and the pot will be split between one female and one male winner.

Download the WOD Log here (PDF)

Download the Challenge Score Card Journal here (Excel)

Download the Challenge Score Card Journal here  (PDF)

Mar 24

Friday 3-24-17

CrossFit Open 17.5.
10 Rounds for time of:
    9 Thrusters 65/95
    35 Double Unders. 

Mar 17

Friday 3/17/17

CrossFit Open 17.4

Mar 16

Thursday 3/16/17

A:  Overhead Squats
      5 sets of 5 reps

B: for time complete 150 sit-ups
     Every min on min complete 10 push-ups

Mar 15

Wednesday 3/15/17

A:  playing with plyometrics
      broad jumps
      Box jumps
      Seated box jumps
      Deficit box jumps
B: “Grace”
      30 clean and Jerks for time 95/135

Mar 14

Tuesday 3/14/17

A: strict press
     6×3 (AHAP)

B:  5 rounds for time of…..
     5 pull-ups C2B
     10 burpees
     5 push jerks 95/155
     200m run